Tarot Workshops For 2019

Tarot workshops with a new format are now being prepared for 2019. A massive thank you for the students who attended the introduction to the Tarot on November 10th. It was an enjoyable magical day with an open fire and a home made lunch. By the end of the day the students were able to read for each other. The next intermediate follow up session will be held at the end of March, this is open to those who have some previous knowledge of the Tarot. Due to space and my own personal preference I am limiting the attendance number to 4. The price is £70 for the day, including lunch.

For those of you who have no previous experience, I will be having another introduction to the Tarot at the beginning of March. The workshops will be held on a Saturday. If any one who wishes to attend and has a preferable date around this period, please tell me as I have not set the exact dates yet and I can afford to be flexible at this early stage.

Much Love, Hilary

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