Do You Come From Another Planet ?

Do you feel a sense of belonging here or are you from another Planet?

A strange question but as a Tarot reader and psychic who does many readings I occasionally feel that some clients have found incarnating on earth much harder than others. Specialising in past life readings it also occurs to me that certain individuals incarnate into many different lives often and with greater frequency than others .Some have had as little as one previous life some several and others a hundred or more. So what are the key clues? Some individuals have a nagging sense of not belonging finding the density of Earths’ matter and the difficulty to manifest what they want unbearable, a continual uphill struggle with very little relief or respite. Whilst others seem to know the ropes and find any resistance challenging and an opportunity to change and learn, this is called self- actualisation. Added to this, certain beings visit the planet from more evolved solar systems such as avatars, gurus or saints or particularly talented individuals who contribute through their writing ,music ,painting to name but a few examples their contribution is to raise consciousness, enlighten and lighten the vibration. Others like myself have incarnated here many times and feel relatively at home with the opportunities offered to discover, learn and grow.

Someone who knew without a doubt that he was from another planet or solar system was the recently deceased David Bowie. He was evidently a missionary in his teaching allowing people to express their individuality unashamedly and without reservation relieving isolation and alienation for so many people, as well as his spectacular music.

Regardless of whether you are an old soul or visiting from your own place. My advice is to investigate your gut knowing. This requires spending frequent periods alone and follow your intuition that persistent positive instruction or synchronistic messages.

In order to follow this process it is important to declutter your life nurture yourself enjoy the path of self discovery, it is rewarding and creative.

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