This can be the start of a new profession or the beginning of a creative hobby.

The Tarot enables anyone to really change their life.

Hopefully and confidently this course will open you up and allow your personal truth to come through. Individuals have different ways of reading. My favorite way of reading is to use several different packs in one sitting. However we will start first with looking at standard spreads exploring meanings in a traditional but creative way.

We will explore how we ask the questions and get the answers we are looking for, through guidance and wisdom the Tarot offers.

Learning to connect the individual cards in a spread so the cards give us a story or a narrative or as I see it a theatrical performance. Through out this process I will be guiding you to work with stumbling blocks you might encounter as a reader

Part of the course will be engaging in exercises to increase our psychic powers with psychomatry. Exploring the role of prediction in the Tarot and the skill of empowering both yourself and the client.

Reading the Tarot is not just about future outcomes or navigating a person or your self through so called difficult times, It is the excitement of the journey and your role on that journey. ( I suggest picture of the fool) Very apt as what we were talking about today. cannot find spelling for psy chometry love Hil hear from you tomorrow if it is still convenient

I believe we all come to Earth with a mission. Along the way we either loose sight or become unaware what our individual purpose is supposed to be or how it relates to our present circumstances.

Since living in Cornwall, my psychic and metaphysical abilities have increased dramatically as I was told would happen by my first Tarot teacher.

My dream of living in an old enchanted haunted house ( I know not every ones idea of heaven but it is overlooking the sea and me and my ghost cohabit really well) has been realized. It was in this place or stage set, as I like to think of it, that I activated, my next plan which was to read Tarot professionally.

When I was younger , I unfortunately often had readings which. left me feeling confused or disempowered or just downright frustrated. by the flakey non committal interpretations of the reader .I in turn, developed an unashamed addiction to the Tarot path. Looking for different decks and seeking out teachers as a vampire might look for blood, no apologies here my desire was incessant, I now have customers who value and benefit from all the hard work I have put into perfecting this old age craft to the best of my ability.

If you are wanting insight into a particular area of your life whether it be career , love , money or just general desire for clarification about your life path then book into the desired way you want to have your reading, Email, telephone or if possible a visit to your home or mine. If you are really not satisfied then I will stop the reading and you will not be charged .I genuinely want you to benefit from this experience Love Hilary

Looking back, I wanted to define my own life without the influence of traditional female roles and have fun doing so.

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