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The Tarot first came into my life in my early twenties. It was during a time of inner turmoil, resulting in outer change and deep probing questions about my life and as often happens, a tarot pack was given to me by a close friend. It was an Egyption pack which I played around with for the first few weeks until it finally seemed to speak to me with amazing clarity regarding future events.

Enchanted and totally intrigued I bought other packs, read books, attended workshops and started to read for friends. As my confidence grew I ventured into reading at psychic fairs and attracting regular clients. Tarot is now a prominent presence in my life.  It has changed my outlook, it has been a major factor in how I approach situations and events.


Used correctly as the magical tool, it can aid the process of manifestation. The cards do not control the future and there is nothing that need scare you, but over time they will improve your psychic abilities They are a useful service, a source of advice, direction and a choice to live magically by accessing your own supernatural powers.

Understanding the Tarot does not require a traditional education or even the ability to read and write. The early users of the Tarot, wise women or witches, gypsy fortune tellers were mainly if not exclusively illiterate. Its re emergence in popular culture coincides with the rising of the female consciousness in both men and women.

Intuition, sensitivity and a deepening respect for nature as well as a need to express spiritual beliefs outside the confines of formal male dominated religion. This shift enables us to see the world differently. Not being manipulated by other people’s standards and life view.


At its best, it transports us to a magical land, our own magical land, where there is a timeless energy and our creative playful side is given the permission to express itself. Ultimately used correctly it will change your life as it has mine in the most creative and mind blowing way.

Many blessings



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