The End Terrace

I live in an end of terrace house built in 1894, originally built for the slightly more affluent members of the community compared to the smaller fishermen’s' cottages staggering around the hills .I always felt a presence in the house; it seemed to be a male, and the experience was accompanied by great sorrow and a general feeling of wistfulness.

When my son was a schoolboy, I used to watch him from the main bedroom window walking down the road to the bus stop taking him to school, I would often get flashbacks of a woman watching a male walking down the same road but this time with a different uniform. It looked like a young man dressed in a first world war uniform, I felt emotional pain when I experienced this as if it was the last time that the woman would see him.

I often felt this young man around the house, and when my son was small he refused to sleep in his bed room as he claimed a man was in there. Initially I thought it was this woman’s son, but on talking to my next door neighbour who had lived on the road a lot longer, I discovered that it was the husband, and they had just been married a short time when he was killed in battle. I experience his presence as being gentle and not in the least frightening. The lady he married lived in the house for the rest of her life, and never remarried. However, the conversation with my neighbour was cut short when I said 'Oh that’s who he is, I thought he was her son!”

I have started communicating with him recently to see if I could get any response since my confidence had improved when my visions were validated by my sweet but sceptical neighbour; but I genuinely had no idea of the history of the previous residents .The response I got from the spirit was that he was very interested in the way I lived as he found it really inspiring and encouraging .Because of the war he had lost faith in human nature and wanted to regain some interest and motivation to incarnate again.

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