Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression, is something I have a great belief in as a tool for healing and giving insight into problems within our individual personality. I have been using Brian Weiss and his narrative to bring me into a suggested state of relaxation to access my unconscious and the results have been incredible. I have checked the historical accuracy on the internet after each sitting and this has corroborated the historical information given under hypnosis. I have also noticed that each past life is relevant to a particular problem that is relevant at this time to my life.

The most recent example was a life in America, the year given was 1876; a Native American Indian man who did not fit in with the expectations of his tribe. He was an outsider and did not thrive or relish living in close proximity with a group of people with whom he felt he had nothing in common. As a result, he preferred his own company. He would try and escape through solo hunting expeditions for small animals or plant gathering. During one of these escapades he encountered a small- holding containing a white family. He spied through the wood land, transfixed by their lifestyle and the comings and goings of various interested parties, including men wearing the familiar dark blue military uniform.

The feeling I had in the body of the native American was one of envy and isolation because I knew it would have been impossible to befriend these whites, and by making my presence known my life would have been in danger .The scene ended with my death, being shot in the back by one of the cavalry men whilst I was on lookout on a rock face .Attacks now were more frequent as it was a time in history of transition and change for the American people. My inability and reticence to fit in with societal groups ,peer pressure ,conforming or intervention and interference from outside forces has always caused anxiety ,discomfort and even misery for me .I prefer to be free, mix with who I want and come and go as I please.

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