Accessing Past Lives Through Tarot

Many enlightened beliefs maintain that our lives are not a series of random events or experiences but are carefully scripted and prepared to enhance our spiritual growth. Our parents are chosen before we are born as are the interaction with other people we meet friends, lovers, siblings and individuals where there is a high emotional charge. Often times these are people we have interacted with in another life who we meet again to help in the process of our spiritual evolution.

As an experienced Tarot reader I feel my role is partly to give clarification, guidance and help in discerning choices and experiences. My first past life reading happened spontaneously. I had moved to Cornwall and started attending drumming workshops. Whilst drumming I started to experience vivid visual tableaus of my own past lives. I was entranced and consumed with total fascination, seeing myself in different roles. The first of which is what I presumed was my most recent past life. I was in a catholic church in France praying for guidance as The Nazis had just invaded my country. I was in my early twenties and had decided to join the resistance and was given some information of a factual nature concerning Vichy France which I found to be accurate. I had just escaped from a harrowing dispute with a powerful organisation I had just been working for and some of the characters were the same people involved in my occupied France experience.

In life our main source of learning is through our relationships with people, a testing experience to find out how we are doing whether they are painful or joyful. Often an individual comes to a reading with a strong feeling they have known a certain individual before. They may be experiencing conflict or confusion in the relationship where growth feels stuck. This is not only your spouse but could be a parent figure, a child, lover, boss or friend. Understanding past life connection gives a sense of detachment a wider perspective and understanding. Knowing that the challenge is to get out of a painful rut, for example, enables us to focus on a change of response or improve our communication skills.

A few years ago I did a reading for a young woman who was in a very restrictive culture with many rules and regulations. Her previous incarnation was as a young white man living in California during the 1960’s. Privileged, good looking, very free and confident, he surfed one night during a beach party after drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. He drowned causing great pain and shock to his parents and friends. Both of us believed that she had chosen to incarnate into this life as a woman within a very patriarchal structure in order to slow down, reflect and, despite the restrictions, she had achieved an enormous amount, career wise and educationally. She also had a strong sense of responsibility towards her family and contributed financially as the main wage earner; this had not been an easy life so far and often the heavy restrictions and control of her parents made her despair.

The client and readers relationship depends very much on accessing the unconscious mind through the cards ,it is an interaction that depends upon a spiritual agreement to travel backwards and forward in time .To identify a past life reading from a normal reading for me is dependent on a feeling state, a subtle change of experience. As most Tarot readers know meditation and visualisation exercises are a necessary prerequisite to improve ones’ capabilities. This will enable an expertise of sensitivity .The cards often give out a sense of watching a historical movie and a sense of detachment not present in a normal reading .Pay attention to these sensations whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual. Your sense of awareness will inform you what or how is of relevance to the client in this present life . When you do give a past life reading it is usually an informative tool, relevant to what is happening at this present time.The magic of the unconscious is infinite and fascinating.

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