A taste for travel is not a travel book but a coming of age novel of a young woman experiencing life in eighties London and San Francisco.

After hitching around Europe with the older and sophisticated Mari, Hilary tries to settle down in south London and have fun with her transgender friend from art school Yvonne. Just when life is getting exciting and free Yvonne meets her true love and Hilary feels compelled to travel alone across America. Her adventure starts on an old slave plantation picking corn in the Deep South unable to cope with the unparalleled culture shock she up sticks and travels by Grey hound bus the long road to San Francisco.


An authentic voice of a young woman inspired by a desire to be free to make her own choices, to have fun despite living in a turbulent world threatened by AIDS .  A humorous and at times tragic account of a woman’s need to create her own identity outside the stereotypical expectations and social norms of her generation.