What Can You Expect From My E Mail Readings

You may wonder how I can give a reading by email if you are not physically or actively in my presence, ie; having a sitting in person and talking on the telephone. It is important to understand that whether you have a psychic reading by email, telephone or chat, the spiritual connection I have is with you is exactly the same, the only main difference is the method in which the reading is delivered to you. I have put a sample below of one of my e mail readings for a client, the question I was asked is when will I meet my life partner ....

Card 1 Princess of Pentacles. Card 2 Knight of wands. Card 3 8 of Pentacles. Card 4 Knight of cups. Card 5 Hierophant . Card 6 page of cups. Card 7 the tower. Card 8 King of Swords. Card 9 the Empress.

The man of your future appears to be travelling at present possibly to do with work . He takes his work very seriously, he has very strong communicative abilities and is quite ruthless and ambitious.He is not afraid of hardship or frugality .I get the feeling he is working in the third world maybe to do with water provision or engineering projects.

Unlike your usual love interests, he appears older possibly Aquarius but also fire in his chart. A strong masculine appearance, tall ,slim with light hair and light skin. His dream in the future is to marry have a child and financial stability but at present his focus is on work which includes travel and helping people who are living in relative poverty so he has strong altruistic tendencies although I see him being wealthy in the future.

He will be attracted to your feminine nurturing energy, the attraction seems to have strong sexual feelings. He does not appear to be in a relationship at present. I am getting that this will happen in a two year period and his appearance in your life will be sudden and unexpected. Once you meet events will move fairly quickly with a pregnancy .The child seems to be part of your destiny. An old soul who wants to incarnate to create and invent.

The relationship might involve some separation as he will have to work abroad but it is a case for him as absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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