The Strength Card and The Star Card

All the world‘s a stage, and all the men and women merely players -

Shakespeare, As you like it.

Many times in my life, I have felt stuck, bored and unmotivated. A continual need for inspiration has lead me into the exploratory path of self-help through motivational speakers, books, films, workshops and a general commitment to learning through whatever channel comes into my orbit at the time. This always renews my strength enabling me to carry on without falling into despondency and depression, a toxic combination which will incapacitate any form of growth and creativity and make me feel generally lousy.

Doing a spread for a client and seeing the strength card is usually an optimistic indication that this person has the ability to motivate themselves and usually others, it implies growth and the ability to adapt. I also interpret it as the card of the actress or actor, a person who is creating their own unique character. A creative adventurer who is not dependent on fitting in with the status quo adhering to the masses and so consequently losing their individuality. If and when they choose to settle their home is usually a creative experience. Their belief systems do not require the need for disapproval or general approval of others. Being around them is energising or challenging but it is always interesting.

Taking this further and going into the star we see the actress in her true potential excelling in her creative ability and possibly receiving some well-deserved recognition.

To get from the strength card to the star requires a shift in consciousness from positive to excellent, a clever view of the world to totally unique. A good technique to check your creative strength is to imagine your individual stage. What does it look like. Mine looks Victorian with scrubbed floor boards and red velvet curtains. The whole stage is surrounded by coloured bulbs. Next step is what is happening is there a play going on ? What is the story are you playing the lead or just a bit player. Is the play interesting or are you bored with a part you cannot relate to and cannot wait to get the bad reviews and move on. Do you like the other players or are they upstaging you and ruining your story ?.

At present I am designing the posters and painting the scenery i.e. I am preparing for my next performance.

**The illustrated Strength and Star Card is from the Heart of Stars Tarot Deck**


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